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In medical billing, there is a direct correlation between the hours put into the billing processes by the billing company and the amount of money the practice collects. Equally clear is the fact that the less you pay your billing company, the less money is available to hire staff to work on your case. By shortchanging the billing processes, the practice may save 1% in the billing fee, but stands to lose 5% to 10% in overall collections, leaving the practice at a net loss of 4% to 9%.

Billing services should not be viewed as an expense, but rather as an investment in maximizing the practice's income. It is for this reason that ProMed Solutions does not try to be the lowest cost billing service. What we try to deliver is the maximum net revenue to the practice as economically as possible, using cost effective employees and maximizing the use of technology. The end result is that ProMed has the money needed to do the job right, and the practice increases its bottom line.

In the end, when medical practices scrimp on billing, the only winner is the insurance company.

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